CDEP celebrates landmark milestone

By Editor
6th February 2024

An online educational programme is delighted to announce that it has officially hit 100,000 completed topics. 

The Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP) is thrilled to achieve this “amazing milestone” – 11 years after the training modules were locally launched in 2013.

Data shows that 36,727 health and social staff have started a CDEP topic, with 22,766 of those successfully completing their training on the virtual platform.

More than 100,416 topics have now been completed – an average of four or more topics per staff member.

Joseph Halim, a support practitioner from Scotland, completed the 100,000th topic. He said: “My sole interest in diabetes is to enable me to support service users to get well and encourage them to live an independent and happy life. The user experience and ease of navigation of CDEP training platform has been excellent.”

Candice Ward, CDEP Lead, said: “When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CDEP was starting to gain traction.

“For many people, CDEP became the only source of safe, accessible diabetes training during the pandemic.

She added: “Since COVID-19, CDEP continues to be embedded as part of diabetes staff training within the NHS and beyond, often being used as stand-alone diabetes training or hand-in-hand with in-person training to assess competency and build confidence.

“CDEP’s ultimate aim is to improve the minimum standards of diabetes care to support patient safety and optimal treatment outcomes.”

CDEP provides award-winning, competency-based, e-learning that’s aligned with the various national diabetes competency frameworks for healthcare practitioners, to provide staff with the right diabetes skills for their role.

It aims to support healthcare organisations improve the minimum standard of diabetes care across all health sectors by boosting staff knowledge and confidence to make a positive impact on the achievement of treatment targets and patient safety.

CDEP offers ‘bite-sized’ topics generating CPD evidence through certificates and reflection documents as well as CDEP rewards to incentivise staff to undertake training.

For more information on CDEP, click here.

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