Insulin coach programme relaunches to plug COVID-19 hole

By Editor
19th May 2020

Diabetes support programme relaunches to help plug COVID-19 hole in diabetes clinics

Healthcare professionals can now refer people prescribed Toujeo onto a coaching programme to ensure they receive dedicated support amid cancelled clinics during the lockdown.

Disruption caused by coronavirus has led to resources being diverted and clinics being either cancelled or held virtually.

Sanofi has relaunched its Toujeo Coach Patient Support Programme to offer people with diabetes on the long-acting insulin glargine access to a Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Psychologist and Dietitian.

It is for adults with diabetes who have been prescribed Toujeo and the service works by providing three to 12 months of tailored support based on a total of nine modules. It involves regular telephone coaching from the team of healthcare professionals.

The programme has demonstrated success with those individuals who require support and guidance. Lesley Mills, Consultant Nurse in Diabetes

The objective of the programme is to help eligible people to better understand and manage their diabetes. Once registered, participants  will be assigned by the Diabetes Specialist Nurse to those modules that best meet their individual needs.

The programme is  delivered by Ashfield Healthcare on behalf of Sanofi.

Lesley Mills, Consultant Nurse in Diabetes at Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Trust, has referred people onto the programme.

She said: “Toujeo Coach has changed how we are able to work with individuals who require this insulin. The programme has demonstrated success with those individuals who require support and guidance with dietitians and psychologists but also those who require further support from a diabetes nurse”.

“They offer this flexible support at a time and day suitable to the individual and the feedback has been outstanding. I have a number of fine examples showing day to day diabetes improvement, reduction in HbA1c, hospital admissions and quality of life.  Toujeo Coach is a “tool in my box” which compliments our service.”

The Toujeo Coach Patient Support Programme has been developed and funded by Sanofi and is run by Ashfield Healthcare.

Patients can self-register on the programme by calling the Toujeo Coach Team on 0800 206 1252.

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