Insulin dose and type 1 diabetes leaflets published

By Editor
28th March 2018
Education, Type 1 diabetes

Advice on managing insulin doses at mealtimes and what do if someone with type 1 diabetes is unwell has been published by a leading diabetes nursing organisation.

The Managing Mealtime Insulin and Type 1 diabetes: What to do when you are unwell leaflets have been uploaded to the Training, Research and Education for Nurses in Diabetes-UK (TREND-UK) website for members to access and to pass onto the people they treat with diabetes.

The insulin document explains the importance of keeping blood glucose levels in target and how the mealtime insulin injection impacts the body. Suggestions to help the reader ensure their mealtime insulin works for them, such as injecting at the correct time and finding a suitable injection site.

The type 1 diabetes document was drafted because becoming unwell with the condition can affect the person’s blood glucose control so it is important advice is issued to prevent complications.

The advice includes plenty of rest, keeping hydrated, treating symptoms with over-the-counter medication and more importantly regularly checking blood sugar levels.

To read the Type 1 diabetes: What to do when you are unwell leaflet, click here.

To read the Managing Mealtime Insulin leaflet, click here.

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