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Intensive glucose control can reduce kidney and eye events

By Editor
6th April 2017

Better intensive glucose control over five years can significantly reduce kidney and eye events in people with type 2 diabetes, research has found.

Although it was already known that intensive glucose control can help to prevent complications in adults with the condition, the research team wanted to find out exactly how blood sugar levels can also affect the risk of microvascular events

In order to conduct the study, individual participant data from large-scale randomised controlled trials were used to compare the effects of intensive glucose control versus less intensive glucose control.

Four trials, ACCORD, ADVANCE, UKPDS, and VADT, with 27 049 participants were used. During the study period there were 1626 kidney events, 795 eye events and 7598 nerve events recorded during the follow-up period.

Compared with less intensive glucose control, more intensive glucose control resulted in an absolute difference of −0·90 per cent (95 per cent CI −1·22 to −0·58) in mean HbA1c at completion of follow-up.

The relative risk was reduced by 20 per cent for kidney events (hazard ratio 0·80, 95 per cent CI 0·72 to 0·88; p<0·0001) and by 13 per cent for eye events (0·87, 0·76 to 1·00; p=0·04), but was not reduced for nerve events (0·98, 0·87 to 1·09; p=0·68).

The findings were published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal.

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