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MDT members urged to complete emotional and psychological survey

By Editor
28th August 2018
Audits, Charity

Healthcare professionals are being asked to take part in a survey launched by Diabetes UK to assess emotional and psychological services.

It is a follow up 10 years on from a similar exercise carried out nationally by Diabetes UK, which resulted in the report Minding the Gap: The provision of psychological support and care for people with diabetes in the UK.

Diabetes UK said: “In order to support future development of services – and to understand what has changed in the past ten years – we need to know what services exist across the UK, as well as the nature of those services.”

The survey is designed to be completed by one experienced member of the diabetes MDT who has a good awareness of local services. To avoid duplication, participants are urged to check that no one else in their team has completed the survey.

The charity added: “We have asked for the name of your organisation to avoid duplication and get an accurate picture of services available in the UK. You will not be asked to provide any identifiable information for you as an individual, however if you wish to discuss any of the issues raised with us in more detail please contact”

To complete the questionnaire, click here.

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