New book highlights how ethnic minority communities can manage type 2 diabetes

By Editor
23rd February 2024
Type 2 diabetes

A type 2 diabetes navigation guide for people of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian descent has been published.

Tembi Chinaire, Diabetes Consultant Nurse, has written the book to uncover some of the socio-economic and cultural reasons for the rise in type 2 diabetes in ethnic minority populations.

Entitled ‘Type 2 Diabetes Navigation Guide For everyone of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian descent’, the newly published book offers insights into healthy habits and common myths in diabetes management.

In addition, the book includes a step-by-step meal plan that uses natural herbs and ethnically diverse foods from around the world.

Dr Adel Isaak, a GP with a special interest in diabetes, said: “This book helps to educate you about type 2 diabetes and empowers you to do something about it.”

Chakshu Sharma, Manager at the NHS North West London ICB, said: “This book is truly transformative! It’s like a personalised guide for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, helping them navigate their health journey easily.

“The content is not only easy to understand but also interesting, making it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re curious about staying healthy, trying to prevent diabetes, or managing the condition, this book has answers for you.”

Chakshu added: “It covers a range of topics, offering insights into healthy habits, preventing diabetes, and making lifestyle changes.

“It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking for guidance on wellness, diabetes prevention, or effective management. This book is more than just reading; it’s a powerful tool that empowers and enlightens. A must-read for all.”

For more information and to read / buy the book, click here.

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