New poster available to help people with diabetes protect their kidneys

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12th October 2021
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A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals have produced an informative poster about diabetes care for both people living with the condition and individuals working in diabetes care.

The poster, PROTECT NOW, was created by the team at iDEAL Diabetes to enhance the kidney health of people living with diabetes.

To date, iDEAL Diabetes have had great success raising the awareness and understanding about foot care, reducing amputation rates, and sharing best practise on consultation conversations in diabetes care. They have worked with key stakeholder organisations in each field to spread these tools across the globe.

Their latest work centres on kidney disease, including how to help people living with diabetes, how to support healthcare professionals to see the warning signs and to ensure they know what to do.

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney disease, with one in three adults with diabetes going on to develop kidney disease. iDEAL want to help support people to understand this area better and PROTECT NOW.

The main job of the kidneys is to filter waste and extra water out of the blood to make urine. Kidneys also help control blood pressure and make hormones that the body needs to stay healthy.

When the kidneys are damaged, they can’t filter blood as they should, which can cause waste to build up in the body.

Kidney damage can also cause other health problems such as a stroke or heart attack.

Kidney damage caused by diabetes usually occurs slowly, over many years, but people can take steps to protect their kidneys and prevent or delay the damage.

PROTECT NOW stands for:

P – provide education on what the kidneys do and what can happen when things go wrong

R – regular review and early referral where appropriate

O – optimising glucose, BP and cholesterol management

T – tests (eGFR and uACR) what they show and why they are important

E – providing education and support

C – coding and understanding each CKD stage

T – choosing treatment options that protect the kidneys

N – not being afraid to ask for information or support

O – omitting certain medications during dehydrating illness using sick day guidance

W – promoting individual health and well-being advice using person-centred care approaches

It is key that people living with diabetes are given the information and support they need to self-manage their diabetes and minimise their risk of kidney disease. Using understandable language and sharing individualised education approaches with every person with diabetes can help everyone to learn more about their condition and their kidney health.

For more information, click here.

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