SGLT-2 inhibitors in type 1 diabetes position statement updated

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28th May 2019
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The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) has updated its position statement on the use of SGLT-2 inhibitors in type 1 diabetes.

The update aims to mitigate a risk of higher incidence of diabetic ketoacidosis without significant hyperglycaemiaand other potential complications in people taking the class of drug.

The abstract reads: “Particular caution needs to be exercised in people who are at risk of diabetic ketoacidosis due to low calorie diet, illnesses, injuries, starvation, excessive exercise, excessive alcohol consumption and reduced insulin administration among other precipitating factors for diabetic ketoacidosis.”

The statement has been authored by Dr Umesh Dashora, Dr Dipesh C Patel, Dr Robert Gregory, Peter Dr Winocour, Dr Ketan Dhatariya and Dr Dinesh Nagi.

Dr Dashora, a Endocrinology and Diabetes Consultant, at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, one of the authors, said: “Dapagliflozin, one of the SGLT-2 inhibitors, is now licensed for use in people with type 1 diabetes. SGLT-2 inhibitors may be useful as an adjunct in the treatment of people with type 1 diabetes but increase the risk of diabetic ketoacidosis and some other complications.

“ABCD has produced a position statement to guide clinicians and people with diabetes how to reduce this risk and use these medications safely if and when used for the right indications.”

To read the statement, click here.

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