TREND-UK releases travel and steroid leaflets

By Editor
31st January 2019

Leaflets covering travel and steroids have been published for nurses to distribute to people with diabetes.

Both documents have been written by diabetes nursing organisation TREND-UK and published on the organisation’s website.

The Diabetes and Travel leaflet gives essential information on the best way to prepare for going away, managing the journey and travelling across time zones.

The TREND-UK travel document gives tips on how to manage diabetes and medication while travelling, including the best way to store insulin while in transit and tips on insulin injection adjustment times for long-haul flights.

The Type 2 Diabetes and Steroid Tablet leaflet has been put together because taking anti-inflammatory drugs can make blood glucose levels more difficult to control. The document gives advice on the best way to manage diabetes alongside the steroid treatment.

Diabetes equipment supplier GlucoRx is supporting the printing and distribution the leaflets.

Those who wish to gain access to the documents must log into the TREND-UK website and print off them off.

Picture credit: Annie Spratt

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