Updated JBDS frailty guideline published

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19th May 2022
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Revised guidance on how to manage diabetes in frail older adults who are admitted to hospital is now available for healthcare professionals.

The Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care (JBDS-IP) has released an updated version of the Inpatient Care of the Frail Older Adult with Diabetes guideline to improve hospital care for older people with the condition. This guideline was coordinated by Professor Alan Sinclair of fDROP and King’s College, London.

The update includes a new reference to COVID-19 and an algorithm on managing diabetes and frailty on admission to hospital.

This guideline states: “Even in well-funded healthcare systems, the provision of diabetes services for older people may be associated with problems such as poor access to care services, lack of educations resources, lack of specialist input, and poor follow-up practices.”

Professor Sinclair said: “Frailty is gaining increasing recognition in the NHS as an important prognostic indicator for outcome following admission into hospital.

“It is therefore entirely appropriate that this revised guidance creates a further opportunity to highlight why those admitted into hospital with diabetes or a diabetes-related complication must be screened for frailty and that their management takes into consideration their functional status and severity of frailty.”

To access the amended guideline, click here.

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  1. Jo Willey says:

    HHS is often overlooked in frail elderly patients admitted with sepsis or an acute event.
    Why is DKA mentioned and HHS not? Have I missed it?
    HHS is a diabetes harm and should always be ruled out when BGLs are high and the patient is unwell especially in the elderly.

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