Whey protein could help control type 2 diabetes

By Editor
8th March 2017
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Eating whey protein before breakfast could help prevent or control type 2 diabetes, two separate studies by Newcastle University have shown.

The findings, which were unveiled at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference, found obese men and males with type 2 diabetes had better blood sugar levels after eating the protein first thing. One of the studies also showed it helped stifle appetite.

The first study looked at how 20 grams of the whey protein affected 12 obese men, before they took part in 30 minutes of light walking and then ate a carbohydrate heavy breakfast. The researchers said the combination of the protein and exercise helped control blood sugars.

A total of 11 men with type 2 diabetes participated in the second study. They were given 15 grams of whey protein before breakfast and again, their blood sugars remained stable.

Lead researcher Dr Daniel West from Newcastle University said: “We know that high blood glucose levels after eating can contribute to poor blood glucose management and can also be detrimental to cardiovascular health.

“We’ve shown that consuming small amount of whey protein before a meal could help people avoid those high blood glucose levels and may help them to feel more satisfied after mealtimes.”

Diabetes UK’s director of research Dr Elizabeth Robertson said: “Finding ways to keep blood glucose levels as stable as possible after eating is an important area of scientific research, to help people manage their diabetes well. This new research adds to other small scale studies that have promising results.

“However, larger scale studies involving a lot more people are needed to test this idea further, so we can understand if anyone with type 2 diabetes would benefit from including whey protein in their diet and how best to do that.”

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  1. swetha venugopal says:

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  2. James Vloud Vloup says:

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  3. Sarah ODonnell says:

    That’s brilliant Andy! Well done you!

  4. Victoria Hunter says:

    Hi Andy.
    A few of us use protein as a liver block. Whether it be before breakfast or before bed. Some find whey protein too carby on their low carb diet!

  5. Andy iyer says:

    I was unable to control my diabetes with drugs alone. My fasting BG levels were at 280 with my HbAic at 12.8. I was having neuropathic pain and my resting BP was above 95. My doctor in the US added one more drug invokana to the repetoire of drugs including metformin, januvia and Victoza. I was getting sicker by the day. I decided to adjust my diet and include exercise as well in my daily routine. I developed a unique diet formulation with whey protein with a unique fiber in a berry shake 45 min. to 1 hour before breakfast, and dinner. Within a month I started seeing the difference, within four months my fasting BG has reached 100 and my Aic was at 7. Within six months I have reversed my diabetes. Although I take drugs, I have lost 20 Kgs, my fasting levels are at between 90 and 100. I recommended this diet to other family members and their BG has come down to normal. On our diet which includes whey protein in combination with other ingredients, you achieve satiety quickly and do not suffer from glucose spikes.

    • Dylan Williams says:

      Very interesting Andy, can you elaborate on the diet formulation and the unique fiber details please?

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