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11th April 2014
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Today I’m celebrating 1 year of being on an insulin pump!
Throughout my teen years, until the age of 26, I had refused to acknowledge that insulin pumps even existed. At the time I had only just come to terms with the fact that I needed to accept responsibility for my diabetes and injecting regularly, after years of hiding from my diabetes, and the thought of having a pump made my stomach turn. I wanted nothing to do with them at all… they could all stay in their fancy boxes and keep well away from me!
I refused to discuss pumps for several years when my Aunt, who was a pump rep, described them to me at family gatherings. I refused to discuss them when Pratik Choudhary showed me one in his office after I had travelled all the way to London for help with my hypos. I refused to discuss them when my consultant advised that going on a pump could give me much better control over my swooping lows and bouncing rebound highs, and also help to eliminate the fear of needles that had caused me so many problems in the past.
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