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Checklist issued to treat inpatients with diabetes and COVID-19

By Editor
25th March 2020
Clinical guidance, Coronavirus Inpatient

Consultants, Junior doctors and Nursing staff in Southampton have been issued with an inpatient diabetes check list to help treat people with the condition who develop COVID-19.  

The AcDC: Acute Diabetes Checklist has been drafted by Dr Mayank Patel, Diabetes & Acute Medicine Consultant, and Paula Johnston, Lead Inpatient Diabetes Nurse, both from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

The bitesize document is not specific to COVID-19, but gives a brief overview about what diabetes is, as well as highlighting potential areas of risk in diabetes for inpatients. It also highlights some of the primary diabetes emergency situations not to miss, such as Diabetic KetoAcidosis (DKA), hyperosmolar, hyperglycaemic State (HHS), hypoglycaemia and active diabetic foot disease which would need urgent medical attention and treatment.

The outlined checklist gives healthcare professionals a steer on the issues to consider when managing a person with diabetes, with or without confirmed COVID-19.

Dr Patel said: “As COVID-19 spreads locally, a large number of our workforce are finding themselves taking on extended roles and given that any acute illness can potentially adversely affect diabetes control, we felt that providing a basic introduction to diabetes would be helpful.

“The NaDIA data has unveiled that one in four UK Trusts do not have a diabetes team supporting routine inpatient diabetes care. The response of national colleagues in collaborating and exchanging ideas and practice in diabetes management has been fantastic. We were keen to do our bit and offer our resource to those that wanted it, to help as many centres as possible when it comes to treating people with diabetes who are admitted to hospital with or without suspected Coronavirus.

“The AcDC: Acute Diabetes Checklist has been sent to all healthcare professionals across our Trust in an effort to standardised approach in diabetes management.”

Healthcare professionals locally are also being advised to download MicroGuide, a free smartphone app that offers more detailed diabetes advice should it be necessary. Its content can also be accessed at

To access the document, click here.

Pictured credit: Ali Yahya

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