COVID-19, dexamethasone and hyperglycaemia document released

By Editor
28th January 2021
Care planning, Coronavirus Inpatient

A COVID-19, dexamethasone and hyperglycaemia document has been published to complement local guidance and professional judgement for Trusts in London. 

The guidance has been published by NHS London Clinical Networks for all healthcare professionals working within the area.

It explains how dexamethasone, a corticosteroid with predominant glucocorticoid effect, can help benefit people with COVID-19 who require oxygen.

Corticosteroid can cause hyperglycaemia, both in those with pre-existing diabetes and in those at risk of diabetes, while COVID-19 can also induce hyperglycaemia.

The guidance outlines what can happen when corticosteroids are stopped and how long the process might take. In addition, a COVID-19 Diabetes De-escalation has been included to help teams define a discharge care plan and follow-up.

A template of a letter which has been suggested be sent to all people who have been treated with dexamethasone can be found on the last page of the guidance.

To read the guidance, click here.

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