Diabetes and dementia management at the heart of new guideline

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29th November 2023
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Latest guidance published by an award-winning diabetes nursing organisation ensures that people with diabetes and dementia will benefit from care tailored to both conditions. 

Diabetes and Dementia: Guidance on Practical Management, which has been produced by Trend Diabetes, includes a series of recommendations to promote a consistent, high-quality approach towards caring for people with diabetes and dementia.

This new guideline showcases the relationship between diabetes and dementia and highlights the impact each condition has on the other.

Information on the benefits and safety of diabetes treatments for people with dementia are also outlined in the guidance, as well as how to minimise their risk of hypoglycaemia.

The document is intended to serve as a helpful resource for care workers, healthcare professionals working in nursing and residential homes, care workers and community nurses working with older people living in their own homes.

Trend Diabetes’ Co-Chair and Independent Consultant – Diabetes Nursing, June James, said: “This comprehensive set of recommendations is crafted to promote a consistent and high-quality approach to caring for individuals grappling with both diabetes and dementia.

“By providing guidance for healthcare professionals, we aim to ensure that each person receives tailored, compassionate care that addresses the unique challenges presented by these interconnected conditions.”

Co-Chair and Independent Consultant – Diabetes Nursing, Debbie Hicks, added: “I’m thrilled to announce that the management of diabetes and dementia takes centre stage in our latest guideline.

“Recognising the intricate interplay between these conditions, our comprehensive approach ensures that individuals facing this dual challenge receive the specialised care and support they deserve.”

She continued: “At Trend Diabetes, we’re not just setting standards; we’re getting a compassionate course towards a better quality of life for all those navigating the complex intersection of diabetes and dementia.”

The internationally renowned diabetes and older people expert Professor Alan Sinclair, who is the Chair ofthe Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People, was also involved in the development of the new diabetes and dementia guidance.

He said: “As a proud contributor to Trend Diabetes’s latest endeavour, I am excited to unveil a guideline that delves into the intricate relationship between diabetes and dementia.

“This comprehensive resource not only highlights the profound impact each condition has on the other but also provides invaluable insights into the benefits and safety considerations of diabetes treatments for individuals with dementia.”

He concluded: “Our guidance goes beyond the surface, aiming to empower healthcare professionals with the knowledge to minimise the risk of hypoglycaemia while optimising the care for those navigating the complex intersection of diabetes and dementia.”

Trend Diabetes is set to release a new podcast episode dedicated to the guideline next month.

Co-Chairs Debbie Hicks and June James lead the Trend Diabetes committee, with members representing different fields of nursing offering a variety of knowledge and expertise, all ensuring a true representation of diabetes nursing is achieved.

The committee includes representation from nurses from a variety of diabetes working environments, and from the four countries of the UK, providing a voice for all nurses working in diabetes, as well as acting as a resource for those nurses.

To access the diabetes and dementia document, click here.

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