Diabetes campaign on a mission to raise £8 million worth of essential diabetes supplies for Ukraine

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16th March 2022
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A new diabetes campaign set up in response to the conflict in Ukraine is calling for support after it has launched an appeal to deliver £8 million worth of crucial diabetes supplies to the country.

United with Ukraine is appealing to the diabetes community to donate unused glucose meters and blood testing strips after the Ukrainian Health Minister announced that there is a critical need for these.

Individuals living with type 1 diabetes in Ukraine are now in danger of running out of essential medications and equipment and are unable to get any more, putting their health at risk.

In response, Charlie Cawsey, founder of Type One Style, has set up United with Ukraine to help tackle the ongoing diabetes crisis in Ukraine.

Charlie said: “Once the war broke out in Ukraine, I knew had to help people with diabetes who are facing their own deadly crisis.”

“It is an honour to provide Ukrainians with essential supplies as without our help their health would rapidly deteriorate, and their life would be at risk.”

He added: “We are now on a mission to raise £8 million worth of funds to purchase glucose meters and test strips as the country is in desperate need for these supplies.

“Since the start of the campaign, GlucoRX have supported our efforts by donating lots of glucometers and strips which are already inside Ukrainian hospitals”

So far, the campaign has already delivered £250,000 worth of supplies, including sweets, test strips, continuous glucose monitors, insulin pumps, tourniquets, first aid kits, and even portable defibrillators.

In addition, they have donated 250 shoe boxes filled with children’s aid to several refugee centres in eastern Poland. The boxes contained socks, scarves, gloves, toothbrushes, toothpaste and various sweet treats, including high-calorie protein bars.

Currently, the team running the campaign are preparing a further £50,000 worth of aid to be exported on Friday. All items have been donated by the community as the campaign has had no corporate support or funding, other than sporadic supply donations from the organisation’s outreach.

Charlie said: “The aim of our operation is to distribute high-impact, targeted medical aid. Every single recipient receives a box that is actually immediately useful, and we can reach recipients inside Ukraine that no other channels can because we have built our own distribution channel.”

All the donations have been delivered to addresses given to the charity by the Ukrainian embassy, including special warehouses in the East of Poland and different Nova Poshta collection points in Ukraine.

Staff at the Nova Poshta collection points co-ordinate with hundreds of volunteers across Ukraine who then go onto distribute the supplies across the country.

To donate any supplies to Ukraine, click here.

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