Diabetes comic published to celebrate World Diabetes Day

By Editor
14th November 2023
Inpatient, World Diabetes Day

The final part of a comic series that highlights common diabetes related situations was released today to mark World Diabetes Day.

‘Diabetes: Secret Wards’, volume 5 of the MulT1verse comic series, takes a look at the world of diabetes care in a hospital. A nurse, doctor and pharmacist must pool their expertise to help unpick some common diabetes issues, in a ‘sci-fi setting’, that patients can experience during an in hospital stay.

Dr Mayank Patel, of University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, said: “World Diabetes Day felt the right day to showcase the final part of the comic as it’s a time to reflect on diabetes and for the wider world to understand how diabetes is not always just about the person living with it, but how it can also impact those around them, both family and other healthcare teams.”

Since 2015, two leading UK diabetes consultants, Dr Mayank Patel and Dr Partha Kar of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, have collaborated with people living with diabetes and Revolve comics to create five free-to-download diabetes themed educational comic books.

Dr Mayank Patel added: “On this occasion particularly, we wanted to shine a light on how wider healthcare teams can help support diabetes care in hospital.

“Our overall aim with these comics is to open up the need for support from all healthcare professionals to support the routine diabetes care needs of their patients.”

All parts of Diabetes: Secret Wards, including Part 4: Endgame, are now available to read in full here: https://revolvecomics.com/diabetes-secret-wards-comic

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