Input needed to determine diabetes and pregnancy research priority

By Editor
10th June 2020

Input is being sought to help areas of research which will improve the healthcare and wellbeing of women and families affected by diabetes in pregnancy.

The University of Oxford, James Lind Alliance, Diabetes UK, JDRF and DRWF, are working together to find out the priorities for research in diabetes and pregnancy.

The project aims to identify a top 10 list of questions that women, their families and friends, and healthcare professionals jointly agree are the most important. These questions will be shared with research funders to help them support research of high value to those most likely to be concerned by the research.

The initiative has three stages. The first bit focussed on people who represent those groups proposing questions about the time before, during or after pregnancy with diabetes of any type. More than 1,100 questions were submitted and from those, the team identified a long-list of questions which remain unanswered by research.

Now, into the second stage, people are being invited to pick the questions from the long-list which they feel are most important in a short survey. A shortlist of the most picked questions will then go into the final workshop, for women, their families, and healthcare professionals to jointly agree the top 10.

It is hoped this project will support research that answers the questions of greatest value to women, their families, and HCPs.

To take part in the survey, click here. The closing date is July 31.

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