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Input required for diabetes inpatient roadmap

By Editor
5th January 2018
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Healthcare professionals are being encouraged to participate in building a strategy for improving diabetes inpatient care.

Diabetes UK is developing the roadmap, because the charity says there are “too many people with diabetes [who] aren’t getting the care they need when they stay in hospital”.

The National Diabetes Inpatient Audit has shown that one in six hospital beds are currently being occupied by someone who has the condition. In 2016, 3,000 people needed treatment for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), 125,000 people had a hypo in hospital with 12,500 required rescue treatment and nearly two in five inpatients experienced a medication error.

The roadmap will lay out the challenges facing inpatient teams. It will also help share solutions uncovered through extensive work with diabetes inpatient teams across England and will set out calls to action for diabetes teams, commissioners, trust management and Diabetes UK.

David Jones, assistant director of improvement support and innovation at Diabetes UK, said: “We have decided to throw our weight behind the problem. We will support national and local improvement programmes, and teams driving change and will coordinate their efforts through a Roadmap outlining a strategy for improvement with clear calls to action for everyone who can make a difference. We will also work with people with diabetes to make sure we know what they need to have a good and safe stay in hospital.

“At Diabetes UK I ‘ve seen amazing work from wonderful people that is making a difference for people with diabetes in hospital. With a big collective effort we can build on all the good work and make a good and safe experience of hospital the norm for people with diabetes.”

A post on the charity’s website said: “We need your help to improve inpatient care so that every stay in a hospital for someone with diabetes is as safe as possible.

“At the moment it’s not. You can help us improve inpatient care for people with diabetes by sharing your experiences and by helping us build a plan for the future. Find out how you can get involved by emailing”

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