Insulin resistance improved by vitamin D, evidence reveals

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17th August 2023
Research, Type 2 diabetes

Vitamin D can improve and regulate insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes, latest research shows.

A new study has found that vitamin D-fortified supplements can combat or reduce insulin resistance.

During the meta-analysis and systematic review of available studies, the team of researchers analysed the link between insulin resistance and serum or supplemental vitamin D levels.

They found that the participants with type 2 diabetes who took vitamin D supplements had significantly improved insulin resistance compared to those not taking these supplements.

The results state: “Serum insulin (standard mean difference [SMD] = -0.265; 95% CI, -0.394 to -0.136, P < 0.05), glucose (SMD = -0.17; 95% CI, -0.301 to -0.039, P < 0.05), and homoeostasis model assessment-insulin resistance (HOMA-IR) (SMD = -0.441; 95% CI, -0.582 to -0.3, P < 0.05) all showed improvement when treated with vitamin D supplements compared with the routine treatment group.”

The researchers said: “This suggests that increasing serum vitamin D levels can alleviate and inhibit the development of IR to a certain extent.

“Vitamin D supplementation is expected to be integrated into conventional medical approaches as a promising adjuvant therapy for people with type 2 diabetes and to mitigate the burden of diabetes for individuals and society.”

The results of the study are now available in the journal Scientific Reports.

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