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Leeds researchers boosting exercise among those with type 2

By Editor
22nd November 2018
Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 prevention

The role of how medical professionals  promote activity among people with diabetes is under the spotlight at Leeds Beckett University.

Researchers from the Carnegie School of Sport are working with a GP in York to talk to medical staff in GP practices across the region to find out about their experiences.

Dr Nicky Kime, Dr Andy Pringle and Dr Stephen Zwolinsky, alongside GP Dr Dane Vishnubala, are looking at the barriers faced when delivering guidance around physical activity to someone with diabetes.

Most people with diabetes face numerous challenges when it comes to physical activity and managing their condition and, consequently are insufficiently active.

Dr Nicky Kime said: “These people are in a unique position to help those with diabetes overcome their challenges and help them to be more active. However, previous work by the team has shown that they do not necessarily know what to advise people with diabetes about physical activity and they need more education and training.”

The evaluation ties in with the Moving Medicine initiative that the team have been developing, which is a national collaboration between the Royal College of General Practitioners, Faculty of Sports and Physical Activity Medicine, Public Health England and Sport England.

The aim of the initiative is to develop interactive web-tools for medical professionals to support physical promotion across a range of conditions including diabetes. This will provide medical professionals, including those working in GP practices, with access to resources that have been developed to encourage people to be more active.

Dr Kime added: “The evaluation will provide a clearer picture of the factors that medical professionals face when promoting physical activity to those with diabetes, which will help us to shape future education and training programmes for them.”

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