New care home guidelines to be launched in upcoming webinar

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17th March 2022
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A national diabetes advisory panel that is dedicated to improving care for older adults with the condition is set to launch its first set of care home guidelines during an online event next month.

The National Advisory Panel on Care Home Guidance (NAPCHD) is hosting the webinar, ‘Launch of the official NAPCHD Strategic Document of Diabetes Care’, to share the comprehensive guidance aimed at enhancing diabetes care in care homes.

Taking place on Thursday, April 7, between 12pm and 1pm, the virtual meeting will be chaired by Professor Alan Sinclair, of King’s College and fDROP, who will go through the key recommendations provided in the care home document, which aims to improve standards of diabetes care and enhance the well-being, quality of life, and clinical outcomes of all residents with diabetes.

Professor Sinclair, who is also the lead author for the recommendations, said: “This webinar will be extremely beneficial for healthcare professionals who work with older adults with diabetes as we will provide them with the most up-to-date care home guidance. The new guidelines are essential as care home residents are recognised as being a highly vulnerable group (as evidenced also by the covid-19 pandemic) so these recommendations will help healthcare professionals and care staff to better implement high-quality care.”

He added: “The document reflects the views of a fantastic panel of experts who were a joy to work with and is a great opportunity to make a difference in this care sector. We are confident that these recommendations will improve diabetes care for older adults with the condition and this webinar provides us with the perfect opportunity to share the guidelines.”

During the webinar, Professor Sinclair will be joined by Martin Green, OBE, from Care England, Professor Angus Forbes of King’s College, London, Lynne Reedman of DUET Diabetes and Dr Daniel Flanagan, from University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust.

Since Friday, February 11, healthcare professionals have been able to review the document during the consultation phase.

The recommendations will be available for all care homes across the country. The document reflects on the importance of sound and effective communication channels between residents and families, care homes, community nursing and diabetes services, primary care, acute hospital services, eye specialist and optometry care services, nutritional and podiatry services, and the social serviced sector.

The National Advisory Panel for Care Home Diabetes (NAPCHD), chaired by Professor Alan Sinclair, was formed in mid-2020 to bring about a culture change in the way residents with diabetes are cared for in order to bring about sustained benefits.

To attend the ‘Launch of the official NAPCHD Strategic Document of Diabetes Care’ webinar, click here.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

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