NHS to provide artificial pancreases to individuals with type 1 diabetes

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18th June 2021
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After celebrating 100 years of insulin, the NHS has revealed that they will supply artificial pancreases to those with type 1 diabetes.  

The chief executive of the National Health Service Sir Simon Stevens disclosed the plans earlier this week and has pledged that the pioneering ‘closed loop technology’ scheme will help 1,000 people.

The developed technology will persistently observe blood glucose levels and will automatically alter the quantity of insulin that is passed through a pump.

Additionally, the advanced technology will also stop severe hypoglycaemic attacks and eliminate finger prick tests.

The NHS has exceeded its non-invasive glucose monitoring expectations, with the technology already helping two in five people with type 1 diabetes.

Sir Simon Stevens said: “Living with diabetes is a daily challenge for millions of people across England, and this closed loop technology has the potential to make a remarkable difference to their lives.

“In a year that marks a century since insulin was discovered – which revolutionised the world of diabetes – this innovation is a prime example of the NHS’s continued progress in modern medicine and technology.”

NHS national speciality advisor for diabetes Professor Partha Kar said: “One hundred years after the discovery of insulin, the ‘artificial pancreas’ is a potentially revolutionary development in the treatment of diabetes.

“The NHS has long been at the forefront of clinical advances in care for major diseases, including diabetes, which have allowed patients to live longer and healthier lives.”

He added: “We have already outperformed the goals in the NHS Long Term Plan for better diabetes care, and this new technology is an extension of the fantastic work achieved by the NHS, third sector and industry partners who are working together to improve the lives of patients.”

The NHS is determined to make non-invasive glucose monitoring technologies accessible to 20% of people with type 1 diabetes and to all pregnant women with the condition.

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