Professor’s research into diabetes in older people earns him ‘world expert’ title

By Editor
8th September 2021

A professor who specialises in diabetes in older people has been named a ‘world expert’ in his field.

Professor Alan Sinclair, director of the Foundation for Diabetes Research in Older People, is listed in the top 0.1% of scholars writing about older people over the last decade by Expertscape.

Professor Sinclair, Visiting Chair in Diabetes Care at King’s College London, is a World Health Organization-recognised expert in diabetes and was the first to be appointed by the Department of Health to the position of National Clinical Lead for Diabetes in Older People.

After leading the first National Diabetes Audit in Care Homes, he went on to develop standards and guidance for assessing the quality of diabetes care in UK care homes in partnership with the Joint British Diabetes Societies and the Care Quality Commission.

Professor Sinclair also founded Diabetes Frail, a not-for-profit research organisation dedicated to developing high quality research in older people and in those with diabetes, frailty and/or dementia.

Expertscape, which takes into account the impact and frequency of scientific publications, also lists Professor Sinclair as 17th in the world in terms of his expertise in frailty and in the top three for frailty and diabetes. Professor Sinclair is recognised as a world leader in diabetes as well.

Professor Sinclair said: “It is an honour to appear on these lists and to be named as an expert in the three areas of aged, frailty and diabetes mellitus.

“I am passionate about improving the care of older people and it has become the focus of my career. I do what I do not to be recognised but at the same time it is nice to be top of such a prestigious list.”

Professor Sinclair’s recently-published studies include:

  • A Comparison of Frailty Assessment Instruments in Different Clinicaland Social Care Settings: The Frailtools Project
  • Preserving Mobility in Older Adults with Physical Frailty and Sarcopenia: Opportunities, Challenges, and Recommendations for Physical Activity Interventions.
  • Diabetes in ageing: Pathways for developing the evidence base for clinical guidance.

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