First diabetic neuropathy symposium launches

15th November 2016

Delegates are being invited to attend a clinical symposium which is specifically dedicated to diabetic neuropathy. It is thought the condition may affect up to half of all those with diabetes and ...

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Footcare root cause analysis guide released

6th September 2016

A guide has been published to encourage healthcare professionals to use root cause analysis (RCA) to help reduce the number of unnecessary diabetes-related amputations. RCA determines to what ...

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Shoe shop raises amputation awareness

26th April 2016

A temporary shoe shop in London has helped raise awareness of the 135 diabetes-related amputations which take place in England every week. Each weekly amputation was represented by a pair of ...

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Mindset linked to poor foot ulcer outcome

22nd April 2016

The mindset of people with diabetic foot ulcers about their illness has a significant effect on their survival, new research has suggested. The five year study looked at the heath outcome of 169 ...

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First footcare audit findings released

31st March 2016

People with diabetic ulcers who miss their footcare assessments are putting themselves at risk, according to an audit looking at feet. The first ever National Diabetes Foot Care Audit looked at ...

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