The Big Interview: Ascensia’s UK Head of Sales reflects on the pandemic and what the future looks like for diabetes

By Editor
24th January 2022
The Big Interview

Kirsty Oliver, Head of UK Sales for Ascensia Diabetes Care, spoke about the organisation’s key successes in 2021 and what we can expect from them in the forthcoming months as part of the latest online Big Interview for the Diabetes Times.

She spoke to DT Editor Oliver Jelley about the launch of the new Contour® Plus Blue Connected Blood Glucose Meter, the impact of COVID-19 on her team and how the business adapted to support the NHS during the pandemic.

Kirsty talked about her greatest personal achievements in diabetes care and shared her thoughts on how NHS teams can benefit from reengaging with sales reps following lockdowns.

She also discussed what the future of diabetes care looks like and what Ascensia Diabetes Care can offer people working or living with diabetes.

Watch this space for more Big Interviews with experts in the field of diabetes.

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