The Big Interview: Consultant discusses ‘collaborative approach’ in new role with pharma company

By Editor
16th February 2022
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A diabetes consultant who has taken on a role with biopharmaceutical company Sanofi has spoken about the opportunity to help develop future technologies in the latest Big Interview.

Dr Amar Puttanna, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, covered a range of topics when he sat down with Diabetes Times editor Oliver Jelley.

He discussed his new role as National Advisor for Clinical Engagement for Sanofi, saying his interest in large-scale, population changes meant he wanted to be “involved from a clinical aspect to help develop Sanofi in their support of the healthcare system and people with diabetes”.

Dr Puttanna went on to say: “That collaborative approach with industry and healthcare in these kinds of areas is when things can develop, and you can shape future technologies now.”

He also discussed the award-winning DIADEM project which he was heavily involved with, which was established to address the knowledge gap in managing patients with diabetes and dementia.

Dr Puttanna is a member of GoggleDocs, a group made up of four doctors who share a passion for medical education and deliver video podcasts via their YouTube channel.

His interests are cardiovascular disease, diabetes management in older adults and translating research into clinical practice.

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