Thousands sign up for Hypo Program

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6th March 2019, Hypoglycaemia

More than 6,500 people have signed up to the revamp of a pioneering Hypo Program within the first month of its launch. 

The Program is a comprehensive guide that helps reduce anxiety about low blood glucose, reduces the risk of hypos, allows the user to track their frequency and better understand the causes.

The free online digital ‘Hypo Program’ and mobile app was launched in partnership with Novo Nordisk and Diabetes Digital Media (DDM).

Those who sign up are given a structured suite of personalised educational materials and resources to help increase awareness and management of hypoglycaemia in people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The 12-module structured education programme is designed to be completed at the user’s own pace and each module comprises an educational video, supporting resources and short assessment.

The Hypo Program is personalised across four streams: people with diabetes, parents (or carers), teachers and healthcare professionals (HCP).

Adam Burt, Director of Patient Access and Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk Ltd, said: “The parent, teacher and HCP modules will also help ensure everyone involved with a person’s diabetes management has a good understanding of the challenges of living with the risk of hypos and how to make positive changes.”

Feedback from users has also been positive. One person left a comment on the App Store. It said: “I’ve had diabetes for over 14 years and found this to be the most useful education on hypos I’ve received yet. If you use insulin I would strongly recommend this app.” 

The Hypo Program is available in iOS and Android, and online at

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