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Twitter taskforce set up to support people with diabetes amid COVID-19

By Editor
26th March 2020
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An online taskforce of diabetes experts has been recruited to help ease people’s concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The group of 16 diabetes specialists represent all professions, including adult and children’s diabetes specialist nurses, consultant diabetologists, mental health diabetes specialist nurses, GPs, dieticians, psychologists and pharmacists.

They were carefully selected because of their expert knowledge and online Twitter presence. They can be contacted via the Twitter handle @_diabetes101.

The idea was created by Professor Partha Kar, NHS England’s National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes, Amanda Epps, a Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse at Medway NHS Foundation and the Founder of the Diabetes Specialist Nurse Forum UK (DSN Forum) and Bethany Kelly, a Type 1 Liaison Diabetes Specialist Nurse at Solent NHS Trust and Co-Chair of the DSN Forum.

Stress and anxiety

The team said: “After seeing the stress and anxiety people living with diabetes were experiencing when news of the outbreak hit, we decided to set about recruiting an innovative team with social media presence within the diabetes community.

“The aim of the group is to provide a platform for people living with diabetes, and carers/parents of those with diabetes to interact with healthcare professionals from multiple professions across the specialism. We wanted to alleviate fears around COVID-19 as well as provide a source to touch base with.

“A twitter account seemed intuitive and fast paced enough to work best. The aim is to provide them with trusted and verified advice, as well as daily activities to help boost morale during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We hope the network will connect everyone together at a time when things are a little bit extraordinary. The account is manned by two or three healthcare professionals a day to answer people’s queries and will also facilitate different activities and discussions to help reduce anxieties.

“This is to try and boost morale, keep the community ethos going and try and get everyone involved to help people feel that they are involved in something and part of a community rather than just being at home all by themselves.”

The account can be found here.

Comments (2)

  1. Patrick Keech says:

    I am a type 1 diabetic,I’ve been suffering from stress and anxiety. The company I work for has request a letter from my doctor to confirm I am at risk ,it’s ridiculous considering I’ve worked here for 14 years I am a plumber for Sanctuary housing and the nature of my job takes me in close proximity of the general public.Most companies would give you the benefit of the doubt & wait for the numbers of deaths to decrease to a much safer level. I see recent figures are 1 third of deaths are diabetes related.I rang my GP and have been told my name will be added to a list that is reviewed this Friday 29/5/20 .What puzzles me is the fact a GP can play judge & jury on who is at more risk .The fact is our GPS don’t know difficult it is to social distance in my job full stop.Has anyone else been in this predicament if so could you please let me know.thanks.

  2. Julie Brown says:

    I have had a hip replacement in February and still off at the moment and due to go back very soon, I have also got type 2 diabetes and would like some confirmation as to whether I should return to work my job is working in a supermarket and will be on the checkouts serving customers if anyone has any answers that would be great .

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