ABCD seeks new honorary Treasurer and General Secretary

By Editor
28th January 2021

Diabetes consultants are being urged to apply for two different positions as part of the ABCD management group.

Following two officers having recently completed their terms in office, the organisation is seeking an Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.

The committee is the main driving force and focal point of ABCD and is responsible for advising on, developing and implementing all the activities of the charity.

There are two full committee meetings each year which those who secure the positions will need to attend and to prepare for.

Much of the work is conducted by email although participation may also be requested in the occasional teleconference. In addition, the successful applicants are encouraged to attend ABCD’s annual conference.

The positions are voluntary but standard class travel expenses are reimbursed for meetings attended.

An ABCD spokesperson said: “If you are successful in being elected to the committee you will be able to influence the future decisions of ABCD and get involved in planning all aspects of the ABCD business.

“It is a great developmental opportunity to learn how the organisation operates at a senior, strategic level and to understand more about the behind-the-scenes operational planning and project management.

“You will meet new colleagues who share your passion on the management of diabetes and will have the opportunity to represent ABCD at a senior level, meeting well-respected and senior professionals from other Charities / Societies and the pharmaceutical industry.

“There is no better way to raise your profile – whether with policy makers, the industry or simply within ABCD. Most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are making a real difference to ABCD and to the care available to people with diabetes.”

To apply for Honorary Treasurer, click here.

To apply for Honorary Secretary, click here.

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 5.

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