Buckinghamshire launches diabetes education programme

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20th October 2016
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A flagship initiative exploring the potential of technology to revolutionise the NHS has been launched in Buckinghamshire.

The DigitalHealth London Accelerator programme is a form of structured education programme for all adults with type 2 diabetes.

The initiative brings together innovative healthcare businesses to better understand how technology can be integrated into the health system and relieve some of the pressure health and care services are currently facing.

Last month the first participating businesses was announced, among them Oviva, a digital health provider, who alongside Weight Watchers have created Live Well with Diabetes (LWWD).

It is a NICE compliant structured education programme which combines telehealth with group support to improve access and help people better manage their condition.

The work we are doing in Buckinghamshire is the perfect case study of what the Accelerator is all about

The programme is now available for free to all adults with type 2 diabetes in the county which is the first area in the country to offer it.

Recent Public Health England estimated figures of diabetes prevalence is 8.4 per cent in Chiltern and 7.6 per cent in Aylesbury Vale – the two CCGs responsible for commissioning Buckinghamshire services.

The scheme has been made available just weeks after the Care Quality Commission report My Diabetes My Care was released.

The document emphasised the importance of “flexible, personalised diabetes care, emotional support and a service that fits around people’s lives and responds to their priorities”.

Under LWWD participants receive personalised dietitian coaching remotely through video calls.

They can choose between two behaviour change strategies if they are overweight including Weight Watchers group meetings, or one-to-one remote coaching from a dietitian via the Oviva smartphone app.

Mark Jenkins, Oviva UK managing director said: “The work we are doing in Buckinghamshire is the perfect case study of what the Accelerator is all about – blending of our innovative technology enabled dietetic support with Weight-Watchers’ established weight-loss programme.

“It means people with diabetes can learn to self-manage their condition in a way that suits them – in their own time and at their own convenience.”

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