Ninjabetic – Diabulimia support needed

17th August 2016

Today I want to talk about a charity that has been on my radar ever since I joined the diabetes online community, but one that, in the past, hasn’t had the spotlight that it deserves. A revamp of ...

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Ninjabetic – The life-changing #doc

13th July 2016

This week I had the pleasure of taking part in PhD research. It was about living with a chronic condition and using online communities to assist with the management of my type 1 diabetes, both ...

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Ninjabetic – Hospital care improves

10th May 2016

I seem to have racked up a fair few hospital admissions in my 14 years of living with type 1 diabetes. Although this is not something that I am proud of (many of these admissions were due to my ...

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Event promotes type 1 diabetes

13th March 2016

Challenging and inspirational accounts of type 1 diabetes were shared at a new forum formed to raise awareness of the condition. The experiences of people living with type 1 diabetes and those ...

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Diabetes consultants launch new type 1 event

9th March 2016

An event created to inspire people with type 1 diabetes to “think differently” about their condition takes place this weekend. The Talking About Diabetes (TAD) meeting has been organised by a ...

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Ninjabetic – Transitional care jealousy

9th March 2016

Transitional care, eh. What’s that all about? I’ve been presenting about it, reading about it and listening to discussions about it for the last few weeks and I have to admit, I’m feeling ...

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Ninjabetic – Sex and diabetes

11th February 2016

Last week, the lovely chirpy folks in the diabetes online community (#doc) took part in the return of the OurDiabetes tweet chat (@OurDiabetes) to discuss a topic that was perhaps a little ...

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Ninjabetic – diabulimia dangers

18th November 2015

As many people in the world of diabetes will know, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. It is a time to raise awareness around the misconceptions of the illness, the day-to-day living, the highs ...

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Leading speakers to present at diabetes event

5th November 2015

A new conference aiming to “empower patients to manage their own care” takes place next week with a host of leading speakers lined up. The first Diabetes Professional Care conference will be held ...

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