COVID-19 ‘significantly’ affected lifestyle choices of people with type 2 diabetes

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12th August 2022
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Individuals with type 2 diabetes made more unhealthy lifestyle decisions during the coronavirus pandemic than those without the condition, new research has suggested.   

A team of established researchers have found that the pandemic has contributed to poorer self-management of diabetes, putting people with the condition at risk of more severe COVID-19 outcomes.

More than 4,700 adults took part in the study by filling in virtual questionnaires on their lifestyle behaviours before and during the pandemic.

According to the results, individuals with type 2 diabetes made unhealthy eating choices and reduced their physical activity uptake during the pandemic.

In addition, people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes adopted bad sleeping habits during the coronavirus pandemic, the findings have reported.

The full research study has been published here.

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