Dates set for new Foot and Wound Care education series

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4th June 2021

Healthcare professionals are invited to join a four-part Foot and Wound Care digital education series aimed at reducing the number of diabetes-related amputations. 

Hosted on Diabetes Professional Care’s Digital Hub, the programme will include practical tips and guidance for healthcare professionals in each care setting along with clinical leads and service managers.

It will examine the human and financial impact and burden of diabetic foot in the UK, and will include in-practice case studies, skills training and development, demonstrations of different preventative and treatment options, and opportunities to hear directly from the UK’s leading experts and associations.

The series, which is free to attend and CPD accredited, runs in June 2021 and will be made up of panel sessions involving speakers from different healthcare settings and specialisms, as well as patient speakers.

Developed in partnership with leading associations, the series will give all healthcare professionals from the multi-disciplinary team an opportunity to get up-to-date on diabetic foot and wound care in 2021, and develop skills to improve care for people living with diabetes.

It follows a well-received webinar hosted by DPC in February this year, when Professor Gerry Rayman, Professor Partha Kar and Graham Bowen discussed the key outcomes from the GIRFT 2020 Report, which has diabetic foot as one of three key focuses.

The success of the webinar led to an increase in demand for DPC to deliver a more in-depth series of education on the subject.

What healthcare professionals can expect from DPC’s upcoming education series:

Date Episode content Speakers
9th June

19:00 – 20:30

Episode 1: The state and burden of Diabetic Foot in 2021 

o   Overview of the state of diabetic foot in the UK in 2021 – Understanding the financial, human, and healthcare impact

o   The real impact on people living with diabetes – from diagnosis, to neuropathy and the impact of high risk progression including long term pain and ulcers to amputation

o   How did my patient get to here? Understanding the natural history of diabetic foot progression

o   Understanding the speed at which things can go wrong and escalate with your patients’ feet

o   Panel Discussion:

–       Examining key roadblocks and challenges in practice

–       Service Change & Delivery

–       Education & Competency

–       Diabetic Foot & Wound Care as an MDT challenge requiring an MDT approach and solutions

–       Case studies of positive change

o   Chair – Prof Gerry Rayman

o   Prof Mike Edmunds

o   Fatima Casim

o   Dr Richard Paisey


16th June

19:00 – 20:30

Episode 2 – Diabetic Foot Ulcers – prevention & minimising escalation to medium or high risk


o   Your role in minimising risk for patients in every consultation and contact:

–       Annual Reviews and Regular Screening – what to look out for (images and case studies)

–       A perfect foot check – Vascular Assessment, Tools to use

–       How to identify and assess the level of risk your patient has and what to do next?

–       What is the right referral pathway for my patient?

–       Minimising Delay – How can we address? ACT NOW

–       Education as a tool for prevention – HCP & Patient – Practical tips for everyday self-management

o   How to explain the risks to your patients’ feet and lower limbs without using scare tactics through understanding how much your patient knows or believes. (What things impact your foot health? E.g. Statins, Vascular relationship with feet)

o   Sick Day Rules

o   Understanding how prevention can be achieved in a virtual world

o   How to help your patients to understand why you are screening and what you are doing

o   Overview of Preventative Treatment Pathways and Options:

–       Amolient based treatments paper

–       Practical demonstration of preventative treatment options

o   Chair – Prof Gerry Rayman

o   Graham Bowen

o   Paul Chadwick

o   Debbie Sharman

o   Prof Mike Edmunds

23rd June

19:00 – 20:00

Episode 3 – Diabetic Foot Treatment Options

o   Understanding what the warning signs are to look out for

o   Overview of Wound Treatment options

o   Offloading

o   Negative Pressure Therapy

o   Practical demonstrations of Wound Care treatment options

o   Before and After Pictures

o   Chair – Graham Bowen

o   Pradeep Solanki

o   Paul Chadwick

o   Stephanie Stanley

30th June

19:00 – 20:00

Episode 4 – Diabetic Foot – Treatment Options – Part 2 (Technology & Advanced Healing Therapies)

o   Advanced Wound Dressings

o   Wound Debridement

o   New Innovation on the Horizon

o   Before and After Pictures & videos

o   Chair – Graham Bowen

o   Prof Mike Edmunds

o   Fatima Casim

o   TVN speaker TBC

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