Diabetes charity sends third delivery of ‘life-saving’ supplies to Ukraine

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24th March 2022
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Two leading diabetes charities have teamed up to deliver a third collection of essential supplies to people with type 1 diabetes in Ukraine.

The InDependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT) and Insulin for Life have sent 49 boxes of vital diabetes-related items to Ukraine in response to concerns that crucial items are running out.

According to the charities, the ‘priceless’ delivery is set to arrive in Ukraine on Thursday, March 24.

So far, the IDDT has delivered 28,750 lancets, 26,200 pen needles, 8,500 matching strips and 1,355 prefilled pens.

In addition, they have sent 26 glucose meters and nine boxes of hypo treatments, which included jelly babies and drink cartons.

Other items they delivered include:

  • 765 pen cartridges.
  • 64 vials.
  • 21 pens for cartridges.
  • 25 glucagon.
  • 109 lancet devices.

Jenny Hirst, Co-Chair of the IDDT, said: “The support of our members and many others across the UK has been overwhelming and humbling and we would like to thank them all for their kindness and care for others.

“For people with type 1 diabetes the thought of not being able to access insulin or treatment for hypos, is hard to imagine and clearly we all feel deeply for people with diabetes in Ukraine.”

She added: “Our admiration also goes to the drivers of the vehicles that are driving for nearly 24 hours to reach those in need. It’s not their day job but they are trying to help in a very practical way.”

They are now asking for donations of insulin, blood glucose meters and test strips. The £12,000 raised in financial donations will also be spent on buying these three items.

Additionally, Insulin for Life Australia is sending the IDDT a significant number of meters and strips to add to the ongoing help to the people of Ukraine.

All donated items should be new, unused and in-date and need to be sent to IDDT at the following address: IDDT, 210 Abington Avenue, Northampton, NN1 4PR.

The IDDT is a national charity based in Northampton providing vital independent support for people with diabetes, their parents and carers.

The charity formed in 1994 to fight for choice of treatment for all. It now provides a free, confidential helpline, has published dozens of helpful publications, stages events and lobbies the government on behalf of its members.

Insulin for Life is an international charity that tries to improve the availability of insulin to the 50 per cent of people in developing countries who cannot afford or access insulin and diabetes supplies.

If you need to contact the IDDT, please telephone between 10am and 3pm on 01604 622837 Monday to Friday or email enquiries@iddtinternational.org.

Photo by Oleksandr Zaiats provided to iStock

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