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By Editor
14th May 2014
Latest news, Europe’s largest diabetes community, has reached over 100,000 members.

Run by two young entrepreneurs, Arjun Panesar, 30, and Charlotte Summers, 24, the patient-to-patient forum, aims to raise awareness and provides education for the diabetes community. It’s proven that helps improve the lives of those affected by diabetes.

Arjun said: “We are delighted that the diabetes community forum has reached 100,141 members. The forum is a support mechanism that enables people to realise they aren’t alone and makes a positive difference to people’s lives.”

Dr Hilary Jones, from ITV’s Good Morning Britain and a spokesperson for the brand, added: “Having a reservoir of knowledge and experience is enormously helpful and patients talking to patients can often achieve more than the ten minutes you get with your consultant at the hospital every three months.

“If people can control their blood sugar levels then we can bring down the rates of kidney and eye disease and unnecessary amputations. With greater control, patients may be able to halt their diabetes and, in some cases, reverse it.” offers people affected by diabetes a platform where they can talk, support and help each other. The forum helps to raise awareness of the condition, while offering the chance to share their stories and swap knowledge. The forum not only gives support to people with diabetes, but also friends, family and carers.

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