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The Diabetes Manager – 25 working days, ready, steady, go!

By Editor
14th December 2016
Department of Health, Latest news The Diabetes Manager

Abigail Kitt is a healthcare manager who has worked in the diabetes sector since 2004.

Over the course of her career, she has built up knowledge in translating diabetes NHS policy into improving outcomes.

Her blog, The Diabetes Manager, shares Abigail’s passion for all things diabetes from a manager’s perspective.

I’m going to keep this blog short and sweet because I know how busy every manager, who has diabetes in their portfolio, is going to be.

The much anticipated opportunity to bid for £44m, an extra £4m than originally announced in the NHS England Operations and Contracting Guidance in September. 

Follow this link to find all the information.  The deadline for submitting your bid is the 18th of January 2017 – 25 working days. Challenging over the Christmas period.

The funding is: “To support the implementation of the Five Year Forward View vision of better health, better patient care and improved NHS efficiency, NHS England has created a transformation fund. This funding will enable local areas to deliver on key ambitions identified by the independent cancer and mental health taskforces. Additionally we will continue to build on the Transforming Care priority for those with learning disabilities and kick start, at scale, revolutions for diabetes treatment and prevention”.

‘Revolutions’!  Not only have you got to get these bids in fast but there is a clear steer that the bids have to engender ‘Revolution’.

NHS England want to support bids for the following four areas:

  • Structured education £10m
  • Treatment targets £17m
  • Multi-Disciplinary Footcare Teams (MDFTs)  £8m
  • Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nursing Teams (DISNs)  £8m

It is worth noting the breakdown of how much funding NHS England want to put into each of the four priority areas.  This might influence your bid focus.

Another point of note is that bids need to reference and be submitted via STPs:

 “Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) are central to this process and all bids should be explicitly linked to the relevant local STP plans. This process is open to any STP, although individual organisations or alliances may bid on behalf of an STP for this funding; submission of applications must be via STPs.”

There is one thing I think that this less clear:

“It is also to give an indicative sense of any modelling assumptions of transformation funding beyond 2018/19, should this be available”.

My understanding of this statement is that if you do not bid or are unsuccessful in your bid this automatically means that, if there is any further funding in 2018/19, you will not be eligible.

So it is well worth putting aside your turkey to get your bid in.

I have a feeling that despite the challenging deadline over Christmas and getting agreements. I am very optimistic that CCGs/Collaborative of CCGs/STPs will bid for this funding in their droves. 

25 days – Ready, Steady, GO!!

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