Nurse Consultant reflects on nursing career and greatest achievements in latest Big Interview

By Editor
16th November 2021

A top nurse consultant in diabetes spoke about her many accomplishments in, and the future of, diabetes nursing as part of the latest online Big Interview for The Diabetes Times.

June James, Nurse Consultant in Diabetes with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, the Leicester Diabetes Centre, and Co-Chair of Trend Diabetes, spoke to DT Editor Oliver Jelley about her 48 years in diabetes nursing, the impact of COVID-19, and her involvement in Trend Diabetes projects.

The Honorary Associate Professor for the University of Leicester began her career in 1973 and has been heavily involved in numerous e-learning projects, including the successful NHS diabetes insulin safety e-learning model and e-learning upcoming projects.

June discussed the work she does for Trend Diabetes and the extremely busy last 18 months for the organisation, including a popular online conference, the first ever England-wide DSN audit and launch of an app (now available on Android and Google play). Find out more via the Trend Diabetes website here.

According to June, there is “plenty to do” in diabetes nursing in the UK, with “more and more” people, and healthcare professionals looking after people, with diabetes.

Watch this space for more Big Interviews with experts in the field of diabetes.

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