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7th July 2016
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The role of the diabetes specialist nurse is hugely important in ensuring high-quality diabetes care. Our DSN Spotlight series celebrates this great position and also aims to find out more about those who are making a difference to people with diabetes every day.

Name: Lyndi Wiltshire.

Job title: Head of cardiovascular health and diabetes.Lyndi

Trust: Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust.

Time in position: Heading up the diabetes service since 2009 but I have been managing the whole cardiovascular service for 10 months.

What’s your biggest challenge in diabetes today?

The continuing need for improved knowledge and education in diabetes for practitioners (when diabetes isn’t their main role or responsibility). The difficulties in highlighting the impact diabetes can have on the whole person and the risks if we do not support someone at every connection we have with them on their health journey and filtering the wheat from the chaff in the media and using our skills to impart this knowledge into patient care.

What’s been your biggest achievement in diabetes care? 

Developing training in diabetes within a mental health setting so it is relevant and useful. Diabetes care planning education in the mental health environment with training support whilst someone is acutely unwell due to their mental health. Developing diabetes clinical guidelines for the mental health trust.

In-reach education within the local universities to provide sessions about diabetes for the pre and post registration students on health promotion modules and the value of quality care in all environments. Representing mental health services in the cross party parliamentary ‘diabetes think tank’ on a quarterly basis.

What would you like to see change in diabetes?

More resources to support service users with diabetes and other complex health needs and more collaborate working in physical and mental health for true ‘parity of esteem’. Also further use of the TREND’s competency document to support teams to help them channel their learning outcomes to represent the needs of their services.

What’s been the biggest development in the last 10 years?

eLearning in diabetes for easier access to knowledge in the condition. Motivational interviewing style consultation to support us in accurately understanding what the service users priorities are and the barriers to them achieving good diabetes control and recognition nationally of the importance in ‘pre diabetes’ care and targeting people at risk of diabetes to support them before diagnosis.

What is the best way to achieve good health outcomes with your patients?

Inter professional and collaborative working, truly understanding the resources and teams within your location so they work together to support the person sat in front of you. Supporting patients to achieve realistic, relevant and achievable goals. This can only be done if they are truly at the centre of their care planning and the health outcomes have been set for themselves.

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