Experts to address type 2 remission at leading diabetes conference

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4th July 2019
Type 2 diabetes remission, Type 2 prevention

The definition of type 2 diabetes remission will be explored by leading experts at a major conference, it has been announced.

Latest updates and approaches will be explored during the two-day Diabetes Professional Care 2019 (DPC2019) conference, as evidence builds around successful reversal of the condition.

Alison Barnes, who worked closely with Professor Roy Taylor on the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), will reveal latest research updates during the conference.

These findings show that more than a third of people with type 2 diabetes who took part in an NHS weight management programme were in remission two years on.

The Senior Research Associate at Newcastle University and Specialist Diabetes Dietitian said: “The session will provide a comprehensive, but succinct, overview of this transformative new understanding of type 2 diabetes, which previously had always been thought of as a chronic, progressive condition with no turning back.”

She added: “think it’s important we discuss remission and consider how we do that effectively with patients in clinic. The concept of remission challenges some long-held beliefs, but we must all provide evidence-based care, and the first step to doing that is to understand the evidence.”

Professor Roy Taylor will also discuss real-world type 2 remission findings during the day and present two keynote presentations, with ABCD chairman Dr Dinesh Nagi and Mark Olejnik, entitled ‘The simplicity of type 2 diabetes – and what to do about it’.

Dr Nagi said the ABCD’s collaboration with DPC2019 would “help to provide a specialist resource of information about diabetes care” nationally, ensuring those working within the field of diabetes receive “high-quality training”.

The Diabetes and Endocrinology consultant added: “We should all have one major objective and that’s to work together to benefit people with diabetes. I can’t think of a better way to do this than to come together at the largest, free-to-attend diabetes conference in the country.”

Outcomes from The Low Carb programme, including evidence that more than 40 per cent of people with type 2 have eliminated their drug regime after one year, will also be discussed at the show.

Additionally, the programme’s dedicated Prevention & Obesity in Practice Theatre will feature Dr David Cavan’s session on ‘Socioeconomic, psychosocial & environmental challenges of introducing lifestyle interventions’ and an expert panel on ‘How do we adapt low carb diets to suit the individual?’ presented by Dr David Unwin, Dr Nicola Guess and Dr Adrian Brown.

Maggie Meer, who launched DPC in 2015, said, “Now more than ever, attitudes, guidelines and approaches are changing based on new research and DPC2019 is taking full advantage of this in a bid to help healthcare professionals raise the standard of care for all.

“I am passionate about the work we’re doing because it is also helping to improve the public’s understanding of diabetes and giving everyone involved in diabetes the opportunity to discuss solutions directly with policy makers during interactive sessions.”

DPC is the UK’s largest free-to-attend, CPD-accredited conference for healthcare professionals working in diabetes care. Due to increased demand, the conference is moving to a larger hall within Olympia London, when the two-day show opens on October 29.

A series of informal new clinics will be at the heart of a revamped programme, with a key focus around co-morbidities and related conditions.

Healthcare professionals can register online to reserve a free place.

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