Faulty insulin cartridge holders are recalled

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5th July 2017

Healthcare providers are being urged to warn people that an insulin cartridge holder used in a number of pens has been found to be faulty. 

Novo Nordisk, the company which makes the recalled product, said the warning applies to the NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen®5.

It is thought some batches could crack or break if exposed to certain chemicals, such as household cleaning agents, so people who use the products are being warned to contact Novo Nordisk directly for a replacement cartridge holder.

Dr Avideh Nazeri, director of clinical, medical and regulatory for Novo Nordisk UK and Ireland said: “Novo Nordisk is committed to delivering high-quality products and sincerely apologises for this unfortunate situation and the concerns and inconvenience it may cause patients and health care professionals. We are working closely with the MHRA and UK patient groups to ensure patient safety and minimise the disruption this situation causes.”

Using a device with a cracked or broken cartridge holder can result in the device delivering a smaller dose of insulin than expected, which can lead to high blood sugar. The risk of experiencing high blood sugar with the use of a device with an affected cartridge holder is evaluated to affect one in 1,000 people.

If anyone has any questions they can talk to their doctor or contact Novo Nordisk directly on 0845 600 5055. The company has extended its customer care opening hours to include weekends to provide extra support to customers.

The affected NovoPen® Echo® and NovoPen® 5 batch numbers distributed in the UK are shown below. Please note the batch number can differ on the pen from the box that it comes in.

NovoPen® Echo® NovoPen® 5
Batch number on carton Batch number on pen Batch number on carton Batch number on pen


DUG0191 DUG0191 DVG1930-3 DVG1930
DUG0192 DUG0192 DVG2199-2 DVG2199
DUG0193 DUG0193 DVG3018-2 DVG3018
DUG1613 DUG1613 EVG0506-2 EVG0506
DUG1614 DUG1614 EVG0507-2 EVG0507
DUG1615 DUG1615 EVG0615-2 EVG0615
DUG1616 DUG1616 EVG0707-3 EVG0707
DUG1708 DUG1708 EVG0902-2 EVG0902
DUG1709 DUG1709 EVG2293-1 EVG2293
DUG1775 DUG1775 EVG2906-1 EVG2906
DUG1776 DUG1776 EVG2907-2 EVG2907
DUG1777 DUG1777 EVG2910-2 EVG2910
DUG1778 DUG1778 EVG3008-1 EVG3008
DUG2049 DUG2049 EVG3112-2 EVG3112
DUG2053 DUG2053 EVG6245-1 EVG6245
DUG2054 DUG2054 EVG6822-3 EVG6822
DUG2055 DUG2055 FVG7150-1 FVG7150
DUG2055-1 DUG2055 FVG7564-2 FVG7564
DUG2056 DUG2056 FVG7565-2 FVG7565
DUG2058-1 DUG2058 FVG7565-5 FVG7565
DUG2129-1 DUG2129 FVG7566-2 FVG7566
DUG2218-1 DUG2218 FVG7567-2 FVG7567
DUG2219-1 DUG2219 FVG7612-1 FVG7612
DUG2343-1 DUG2343 FVG7613-1 FVG7613
DVG1565-1 DVG1565 FVG7613-2 FVG7613
DVG1566-1 DVG1566 FVG7616-1 FVG7616
DVG1715-4 DVG1715 FVG7617-2 FVG7617
DVG2297-4 DVG2297 FVG8531-2 FVG8531
EVG2298-6 EVG2298 FVG8532-1 FVG8532
EVG2299-6 EVG2299 FVG8654-2 FVG8654
EVG2300-2 EVG2300 FVG8655-1 FVG8655
EVG2908-2 EVG2908 FVG8657-2 FVG8657
EVG2909-1 EVG2909 FVG8658-1 FVG8658
EVG2915-1 EVG2915 FVG8659-1 FVG8659
EVG3011-1 EVG3011
EVG3011-3 EVG3011
EVG3999-2 EVG3999
EVG4253-3 EVG4253
EVG5697-1 EVG5697
EVG5698-2 EVG5698
EVG5946-8 EVG5946
EVG5962-1 EVG5962
EVG5963-3 EVG5963
EVG6823-2 EVG6823
FVG7337-5 FVG7337
FVG7364-1 FVG7364
FVG7457-1 FVG7457
FVG8212-3 FVG8212
FVG8217-1 FVG8217
FVG8218-1 FVG8218
FVG8995-1 FVG8995
FVG8997-4 FVG8997
FVG8998-1 FVG8998

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