Free type 2 diabetes webinar unveiled ahead of major conference

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10th August 2017
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A free webinar looking at hypoglycaemia in type 2 diabetes and how it impacts people will take place ahead of a major healthcare professional conference.

Dr Nicole Braham, who is a diabetes specialist from Whittington Hospital, will present Hypoglycaemia in Type 2 Diabetes: Raising Awareness to Minimise Impact, which has been organised by the team behind this year’s Diabetes Professional Care conference which takes place in November.

The learning outcomes of the Novo Nordisk sponsored webinar will help attendees understand the impact of hypos on the individual, and benefit from hearing from the patient perspective, better realise the impact hypos have on family members and help them to understand the wider implications hypos can have.

It will take place on Wednesday, August 16 at 6pm. Delegates will also get a chance to ask questions during the 30 minute presentation.

Dr Braham has worked at the Middlesex hospital since 2005 and provides cares for people with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. She has a particular interest in hypoglycaemia and has given many talks around the world about living with the effects of frequent hypos and changes to insulin regimes, which can help minimise their occurrence.

She has also published papers in conjunction with Professor Malone Lee at University College investigating urinary tract infections in people with diabetes in which they were able to demonstrate that they often go unrecognised, and furthermore, there are different causative organisms.

Those interested in participating are being invited to express interest beforehand. Click here to register.

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