Greater time within glucose targets boosts the mood

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25th March 2021
Continuous glucose monitoring, Type 1 diabetes

Greater time each day within glucose targets, otherwise known as ‘time in range (TIR)’ helps boost people’s mood, according to a new study.

Led by Dr Bill Polansky, from the Department of Medicine at the University of California, also found that less time in the ‘severe’ hyperglycemic range (> 300 mg/dL) is associated with poorer mood.

This is the first study that provides evidence that time in range is associated with, and likely enhances, daily mood among those with type 1 diabetes.

The trial involved 219  adults with type 1 diabetes who all used real-time continuous glucose monitoring system to monitor  how daily changes in their CGM metrics were associated with nightly reports of positive and negative mood over a two-week period.

The researchers found that greater daily %TIR (70–180 mg/dL) and less time in “’severe’ hyperglycemia (% time above range (TAR) > 300 mg/dL) were both significantly associated with higher ratings on all positive mood elements and lower ratings on most negative mood elements (all ps < 0.05).

To read the study, click here.

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