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JBDS-IP guidelines ‘being well used’

By Editor
7th March 2018
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Guidelines set up to support and propose standards of care among secondary care organisations are “being well used” according to a national group that represents diabetes consultants in the UK.

The Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care group (JBDS – IP) provides high-quality evidence-based guidelines and the organisation wanted to investigate how much its content was being downloaded from the Association of the British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) website.

In a post on the ABCD website, Dr Bob Ryder, clinical lead of ABCD nationwide audits, said: “It can be seen the the guidelines, are indeed, being well used, in particular the diabetic ketoacidosis, HHS and hypoglycaemia guidelines.

“It can be seen, for instance that in August there was a great increase in the downloading of the revised diabetic ketoacidosis guideline from 3674 downloads in July to 6295 downloads in August, presumably reflecting the new house of junior doctors starting then and junior doctors changing jobs across the nation.

“It is encouraging for all those who have been involved in creating these guidelines to see the extent to which they are being used. ”

The data can be read here and many of the guidelines can be found here.

Professor Mike Sampson, chair of JBDS for Inpatient Care, said: “Since our last srurvey on JBDS guidelines in 2012, JBDS has produced more guidelines on what you  told us would be valuable in improving the care of inpatients with diabetes

“We have been greatly encouraged by the huge number of downloads of JBDS guidelines as outlined by Dr Bob Ryder, ABCD, and we would really appreciate anyone who is involved in the care of these patients to complete the new survey.

“We really do take on board all your comments. The survey is much shorter than last time and takes less than eight minutes to complete, so please do have a go.”

For anyone who wishes to take part in the survey, they can do by clicking here.

The JBDS for Inpatient Care group was created in 2008 to deliver a set of diabetes inpatient guidelines and proposed standards of care within secondary care organisations, with the overall aim of improving inpatient diabetes care through the development and use of high quality evidence based guidelines.

The JBDS – IP group was created and supported by Diabetes UK, ABCD and the Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurse (DISN) UK group, and works with NHS England, TREND-UK and with other professional organisations.

All all the guidelines can be downloaded from here.

To take part in the survey, click here.

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