JBDS-IP to introduce ‘broader approach’ to updating guidelines

By Editor
21st January 2020
Clinical guidance

The Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care (JBDS-IP) is looking to introduce a “broader approach” to updating existing guidelines.

The organisation, which aims to improve inpatient diabetes care across the UK through the development and use of high-quality, evidence-based guidelines and inpatient care pathways, is calling on participation from members of the Association of British Diabetologists (ABCD), the UK DISN group, Diabetes UK and others who use the guidelines.

In a statement posted on the ABCD website, Chair JBDS-IP Chair Professor Ketan Dhatariya said: “Any comment on the use of the guideline or any audit data would be particularly helpful.

“Comments would be collated and acknowledged, and the original authors of the guidelines would consider these for an updated version. We will be updating the guidelines one at a time and we propose starting with the DKA guideline.

To visit the current JBDS guidelines, click here.

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