Language Matters evaluation survey launched

By Editor
30th January 2019
Care planning

Healthcare professionals who care for people with diabetes are being asked to take a survey related to new language guidance.

The Language Matters; Language and Diabetes guidance, was published in June and was developed by NHS England to help encourage positive interactions with people living with diabetes and subsequently positive outcomes.

In the opening of the guidance, it said: “Diabetes care continues to evolve at pace with modern technology, insulin and dietary modifications in exciting stages of evolution and development.

“However, as healthcare professionals, it is also imperative to remember that we perhaps don’t live the lives of those living with diabetes – and thus need to be aware of the impact our words may have on their diabetes care. For the brief moment we see them, our approach needs to be collaborative and inclusive, not judgemental.”

Now, NHS England wants to evaluate how useful the document has been and is asking practitioners to answer a few questions about the language position statement.

A spokesperson said: “Our aim is to find out whether the guidance has informed current practice in any way or is likely to do so in the future.”

To take part in the survey, click here.

Photo courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash and essay on time.

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