Medical alert for insulin pen users issued

By Editor
24th August 2017
Hypoglycaemia, Medical devices Pharmaceutical

A medical safety alert involving a greater risk of hypoglycaemia has been issued about a specific brand of insulin pen. 

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has released information about the NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5.

Manufacturers Novo Nordisk say it is recalling 53 batches of the devices because if they are exposed to certain household chemicals the cartridge holder can weaken and may increase the risk of hypoglycaemia.

Healthcare professionals are being urged to identify patients who use the insulin pens and inform them of the manufacturer’s Field Safety Notice (FSN), which lists affected batch numbers.

In a statement Novo Nordisk said: “The safety of patients is of utmost importance for Novo Nordisk. We strive to produce and distribute the highest quality products for your use. We sincerely apologise for this unfortunate situation and the concerns and inconvenience it may cause.”

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