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Nationwide FreeStyle Libre audit launches

By Editor
5th December 2017
Audits, Continuous glucose monitoring

An audit aimed at collecting data to get a real-world view of the FreeStyle Libre has been launched.

The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD), which represents diabetes consultants in the UK, is inviting healthcare professionals to take part.

Emma Wilmot, the network chair for Insulin Pump, said: “We aim to collect data collected during routine clinical practice to get a real world view of this new technology to complement the findings from clinical research.

“The audit is not confined to ABCD members, and indeed we invite all healthcare professional seeing patients using FreeStyle Libre to join. The data will be collected on N3 – the current version of NHS net, where all patients’ clinical data is held.”

The audit has been launched in advance of the online clinical tool which will hold the data for analysis. It is being launched now, in advance of this, so that everyone can start collecting data now on paper forms which will match the online tool exactly.

FreeStyle Libre data from Children will be included in the audit thanks to a collaboration between ABCD and the Association of Children’s Diabetes Clinicians (ACDC).

The online tool for the audit will have an easy to use sophisticated data analysis tool making it quick and easy to analyse local audit data. ABCD said it would be an ideal project for SpR, DSNs or medical students to do. The anonymised data will also be available for national analysis.

Click here to download first visit data entry form
Click here to download follow up visit data entry form

The system was made available on the NHS from November 1 subject to local health economy approval and ABCD national issued resources to help healthcare professionals to get the FreeStyle Libre onto their formulary.

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