New programme to improve care for type 2 diabetes and long-term conditions

By Editor
29th April 2024
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A pioneering new programme for lead primary care nurses with an interest in type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular-renal-metabolic (CVRM) conditions will launch next month.

Designed by a steering group of practitioners from primary and secondary care, the programme will help lead nurses to learn, grow and ultimately improve the care they offer to people living with CVRM conditions.

Entitled ‘Elevate – Clinical Leadership and Excellence for Nurses in Primary Care’, the two-year programme will host meetings and webinars to share best practice.

The programme has been created by Queen’s nurse Beverley Bostock, Queen’s nurse Nicki Milne, GP partner Dr Sarah Davies and diabetes specialist nurse Vicki Alabraba.

A special event will take place at the Birmingham Conference & Events Centre on Tuesday, July 9, where the programme will be launched.

By participating in the programme, attendees will have access to personal support, peer relationships and leadership development.

More than five million people in the UK have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, at least half of whom also have chronic kidney disease (CKD). Type 2 diabetes is one of the main risk factors for premature death from cardiovascular disease.

For more information and to attend the event, click here.

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