NHS England releases footcare videos to increase good practice

By Editor
2nd November 2017
Footcare, Good practice

A series of videos to help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals increase their “knowledge and understanding” of the importance of good footcare have been released by NHS England.

The three videos were developed by NHS England in the West Midlands through its Cardiovascular (CVD) Clinical Network in a bid to enable people to take more control of their condition.

The short clips posted on NHS England’s YouTube page show foot examinations and suggest what people should do if they spot a potential problem.

A fourth video has also been developed specifically for healthcare professionals in a bid to improve their skills in examining patients’ feet and identifying any problems at an early stage.

The videos feature a podiatrist and a practice nurse examining feet, and people describing how they manage their condition. Professor Vinod Patel, diabetes clinical director for the West Midlands Cardiovascular Clinical Network, also makes an appearance, advising people what they can do to keep their feet healthy.

He said: “At least 80 per cent of amputations can be prevented if patients with diabetes stop smoking, take regular physical exercise, bring their blood sugar levels under control and have a low cholesterol level.

“These videos are a great educational tool to give patients the knowledge and understanding to take more ownership of their condition, potentially reducing the risk of amputations and other complications associated with diabetes.”

Peter Shorrick, Midlands Regional head at Diabetes UK, said: “Diabetes-related amputations devastate lives. But with good diabetes control, education and care, many people could drastically reduce their risk of facing amputation.

“It’s essential that people living with diabetes know how to look after their feet, and that they check them daily. It’s also crucial to seek urgent medical help if they notice any problems with their feet.

“With the right support, four out of five amputations are preventable. We welcome this new initiative from the NHS in the West Midlands, as this simple educational resource could really change lives.”

The videos, entitled ‘How to look after your feet’, ‘Your annual foot check’, ‘What happens if you develop a diabetic foot problem’, and ‘Foot care for people with diabetes – A guide for healthcare professionals’ are available here on NHS England’s YouTube page.

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